Monday, August 18, 2008

P'tit Francois des bois has been found. Well as you know I have an article from the Etoile french newspaper of P'tit Francois des bois that I add to my acadian-roots website each week. Well the last few weeks there were no articles in the paper but you can feel at ease , I contacted L'Etoile and it seems that P'tit Francois went for a vacation, he sure must have needed it , with all that he has been going through with the two widows, and his cat Pouti.But he will return and when he does I will add the articles on my P'tit Francois page.
On another note, I have finished my page about my trip to Memramcook New Brunswick for the Acadian Day Celebrations. I have posted many photos, I do hope you enjoy the page. Go to click on Acadian Day 2008.
Our genealogy group is doing very well,many new members have joined us , and more to come I hope. Some are coming through my yahoo website Petite Acadienne and being invited from there.
Our chit chat room is pretty nice too. We are one big family there.
I am still looking for more folks who descend from Barthelemy Bergeron dit Damboise and Genevieve Serreau dit St Aubin , and the families who married into them, such as the Godin dit Bellefontaines, the Roys, the Pares etc. I would like to see more of the Godin also. Why? you might ask! Well next year 2009 in July we are having a reunion in Fredericton New Brunswick to honor our ancestors who were in Fredericton (St Anne des Pays Bas). Gabriel Godin dit Bellefontaine and Barthelemy Bergeron dit Damboise were founders of Sainte Anne des Pays Bas (Fredericton. )So what better way to honor them ,than to hold a reunion and meet their many descendants from all over .So if you plan on coming to the CMA2009 and you are in the vicinity of Fredericton on July 18/19 why don't you come meet everyone? For further information you can go to , or contact me. Also if anyone of you who live in Fredericton and know of someone who has a Hall preferably not far from the Wilmot Park and who would let us use it for two days please contact me or the group. We are planning for 100 to 150 people but that number could grow seeing as we have nearly a year to go.
And be sure to reserve your accomodations for the reunions, be it ours or the CMA2009.
Thanks for the lovely visit, do drop by again.
Have a great day.

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