Sunday, November 28, 2010

If tomorrow never comes

I am sitting her wondering what to blog about, I don't want to blog about my store today. I just got back from the hospital seeing my Mom. And I sit here and think about all kinds of things. For example if one day I should lose her, what is it that I can tell her right now,today,tonight,tomorrow. That song "'If tomorrow never comes" keeps gnawing at me. Seeing her lying in her hospital bed today, I felt so bad for her , she is not in danger now ,don't get me wrong but she is in the hospital. Sometimes we don't express ourselves enough, my family was never one to always say I love you or hug one another, but that doesn't mean we don't love one another and we don't care. It is just the way our family has been all our lives. So lately I have been saying I love you to my Mom ,which I do with all my heart . I say it to my son and his family, and to my siblings too. Life is too short not to say these words as often as we can and mean it.
When I left I kissed on the forehead and said I love you Mom, she looked at me at said "and I love you too very much". That made me feel good. So I say to each one of you,
Appreciate all your love ones, tell them you care, tell them you love them. Three simple little words " I love you"
Have a great day


Ginger said...

I always cry when I hear that beautiful song. We all need to prepare ourselves for the time when tomorrow will come no more for someone we love dearly. My best regards to your mother, who I hope will have tomorrows coming for many years.

alineskee said...

Thank you Ginger, I love that song too, it makes us realize that we should never take our love ones for granted.