Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One People

Hello everyone, well I have been off line since Thursday with no phone,no tv and no PC, so what could I do in my spare time? I have moved and after my day's work at unpacking the time was long so I thought what can I think about that would be interesting to you. First of all I love poetry and I love trying to create them so I created the following poem: (hope you like it).
Title is One People:
Our skins may be black
Red,Yellow or White
We have to keep peace
To make everything right

We are One People
Oh that is so true
No matter our color
It's me and it's you

Our language may be different
Our styles and our ways
But we are One People
Why not keep it that way

Love thy neighbour
Is what we've been told
So we are One People
Let's make this our goal.
(composed by Aline Cormier)

You know there has been lot of tragedies over the years, lots of hurts and heartbreaks and lots tears.
The Acadians were kicked out of their homes that they worked hard for and sent on ships all over the world breaking up families, many of them died at sea. They sure must have suffered and cried.
The Native Americans who were here before us, living their lives their ways hunting and fishing to provide for their families, they were rounded up like cattle and put on reservations. These people hurt and I am sure they cried and they lost a lot of their families.
The Blacks were abducted or kidnapped in Africa brought to America sold as slaves, sure must not have been easy for them, they sure must have cried many times and look at Rawando the people were kicked out of their homes too.
So we are not too different all of us, we all have or had feelings, we all love, we all hurt we all bleed the same. Now we need to try and live in peace and  grow old together. We are One People and it should stay that way. Some of the people may cause trouble, or instigate don't listen and don't follow,
Let's all get along. That is my story and I'm sticking to it. grin.
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Have a great day

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