Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Everything is beautiful

Hello everyone, haven't blogged in a few days.I am in the process of moving and that is a big job, I have a trailer full of boxes that I hope to go unload tomorrow,we have our new place for the 15th which is Monday.Tonight I go get the key to the apartment. I am very happy with the new place it has NO carpets and that is a plus, only drawback is I need to take the rubbish out way in the back and I have seven steps to climb. Otherwise, it is a nice building. Now my computer has been giving me so many problems, I bought it around three months ago and my window internet explorer is not working good at all, it was installed when I bought the computer so I need to reformat my computer I need to bring it down to where I bought it. Now the big job is saving my files and photos, I have an external hard drive but its packed, don't ask me where. So I need to get some DVDs and save my photos, my files are already stored. I have Legacy family tree software and I am hoping I don' t lose my information, I created some gedcom files and saved them.
I have my laptop as a backup while I wait for this one to be fixed.
I am still working on my genealogy and helping others when I can one of my projects is at a stand still, still waiting for some information from the person who wants it. So far no word.
And many of you know I have a website named  well I created a subdomain for my store and yesterday I created a forum in my site for the ones who want to add their store urls and join in on other topics. I called the forum Allicor's forum. you can get to the site this way
The forum is listed on the sidebar. If you have a zazzle, cafe press,etsy and redbubble store you are welcome to add your url in the Shopping Mall topic. In return if you have a site ,a blog or store I am hoping you will mention my store or website in yours, my store is
That's it for today
Have a great day

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