Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Our Senior Citizens

I would like to do my blog first then I will talk about the image on the upper left so please read the entire blog.
My blog today is about our seniors and why they are so very important.
Seniors are people who have so many things to share with us, if we take the time to listen. Have you ever wondered about the times your grandparents were young? Have you ever wondered what they did every day? How did they pass their time? I often wish , I had talked to my grandmother and her sister years ago, before they passed away. Now it is to late to do so. My Mom told me her mother and aunt had a very good memory and they could have told me so many stories. Today I would be there sitting and listening to them and making notes on every thing they said. Had I not listened to Mom, I would never have known that when my grandfather worked in lumber camps as a filer, my grandmother used to cut the lumbermen's hair for twenty five cents a cut. Back then, that was a lot of money. Nor would I know that my grandfather travelled to work,all over the country, to the USA and Canada, and many times he would take his family with him. These are things that we want to pass on to our descendants, to let them know the real stories about the ways our ancestors lived. In the french paper L'Etoile, last week there was an article on a lady who turned 103 years old. This lady was born in Caraquet but she lived in Moncton since 1975. She is in good health , a little hard of hearing. She remembers spending her youth on her parent's farm. She said they had lots of animals on the farm. She said she remember in school the teacher telling her she could teach children because she had such a great memory. She said we always had a farm, my father wasn't rich but we needed nothing. She is 103 and remembers all the names of her 17 grandchildren. She said she often goes out to the restaurant with her children. She loves to play cards. She said she walks a little in the hallway . I bet if we asked her more questions, we would probably be amazed at her answers. This is what I mean, if we have seniors, in nursing homes, an occasional visit with our pen and paper or even a recorder could result in so many good stories to pass on. I bet if you asked them, how they spent Christmas long long ago, you would be surprised and interested in what they said. So please remember, if you have seniors in your family or among your relatives, now is the time to preserve their memories. Do not pass up the chance to do so.
Now comes the reason for the photo above, Theresa from just awarded me this Kreative Blogger Award, thank you Theresa. In turn I would like to give the award to two that I believe is deserving of it. First to Lynn LaBauve at , and next to Rick Arsenault at . I know there are many bloggers out there who really deserve awards. In return for the award we have to list 7 things about ourselves.
1. I have been into genealogy since 1976
2. I have never tired of doing genealogy
3.I have in my possession a DVD made from an old movie in which my mother and father are on in, and this movie was in the Centre D'etude Acadienne Archives. Thanks to Regis and Ronnie.
4.I created a genealogy website of which I am very proud of.
5.I have Acadian,French Canadian,English and Native American Blood flowing in my veins.
6.I have two genealogy groups one is a backdoor to get into my main one.
7.I have created lots of Acadian /Cajun stuff on my store.
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