Tuesday, December 01, 2009

More on Acadian Deportation

I just wanted to come share this with you before I lose the url. It was posted in our local transcript today. So please pass this story around. It is a great find, as I mentioned in my last blog. About the discovery of a journal written during the Expulsion of the Acadians seen from the eyes of an English Soldier. Very powerful and I am anxious to read this ten page journal.
I believe this journal tells us that the Acadians didn't just walk gracefully to the boats, they resisted . I was telling Mom this morning . Just think if someone would come into our homes and divide the family, take my sisters away, and my brothers in another boat what would you do? Mom who is 91 replied." I would fight as hard as I could ".
Anyway I shall post a longer blog next time. Here is the article in the newspaper,please pass it on.

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