Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Stories

Around Christmas there are many heartwarming stories, and there are also some sad stories. The sad stories are that there is almost always some tragedies or accidents,such as a home that burned in New Brunswick leaving a family of three homeless. But at least there were no injuries.
I don't know the cause of the fire, but please if you put up a real tree, make sure it is does not get dry, make sure it has plenty of water.
Also there are also heartwarming stories,such as Moncton's Turkey lady Sue Stultz who campains for turkeys. She sets a goal for the number of turkeys she wants and the deadline. All the turkeys are then sent to fill the Christmas Boxes for the needy. A very nice gesture.
I went to a used store this week and picked up a book called "It happened in New Brunswick" and in the book the author quotes from a newspaper article in December of 1961 the following:
"A note placed on a Christmas tree in Quarryville during the shipping season by a 9 year old Quarryville girl has ended up in Houston Texas. About 2.30 pm Wednesday Mayor D.A.Adams
received a long distance telephone call from Byrne Toucheck of Houston saying he had found a note asking for a doll for Christmas signed by Amber Connors of Quarryville N.B. He was asking Mayor Adams to look into the matter to see if there was such a child. Mr.Toucheck asked Mr. Adams if he was the mayor of Quarryville,as he did not know the size of the place or anything about it. Mayor Adams had telephoned and located Amber Connors daughter of Andrew Connors. The little girl said she had put a note on a tree in a carload of trees on the railroad track and ready for shipment. She had not told anyone about doing this until news of the note's arrival in Texas was received. Mr.Toucheck suggested to the mayor that he present the girl with a doll for Christmas.
A little boy named Egbert also did the same thing, except he could not read nor write in English, all he could do was write in French so either his grandmother or aunt wrote the following letter.
"Hello I am a little boy 8 years the 4th of December,I hope you think of me on Christmas Day,send me something for my Christmas.I like to have a pair of skates number 3. Please tell Santa to come here and don't forget me. He tied the letter to a Christmas tree that ended up in Detroit. The skates didn't arrive on Christmas Day but a couple of days after ,Egbert received a parcel in the mail with his skates. He was so proud of the skates that he kept them in the box for a long time showing them to everyone. This Detroit couple found their way to Egbert's home the following summer and kept sending him gifts every Christmas. Finally when Egbert became a man he went to Detroit and while he was there he went to their home.What a lasting friendship that was. And a beautiful story.
I find around Christmas that there are so many people with a good heart. They give if they can, and if they cannot they are also happy to see others giving . You can do so many things, that only takes some of your time. You can volunteer to drive, you can volunteer to deliver boxes for Christmas, you can stop by and see some seniors in nursing home with a hello and Merry Christmas. You can bake cookies and give them to friends, neighbors.
I do hope you liked todays blog. Oh and check out my skunk sticker at hope you get a smile from it. Until next time.
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Lori E said...

We never know what lasting effect we will have on a child when we show them kindness.

alineskee said...

How very true Lori.