Sunday, June 27, 2010

fisherman postcard from

Today  I want to share this sale with you, I sold 30 customized copies of this postcard today, I am very pleased.
fisherman postcard from

I have been pretty busy creating products for my gallery at*  and I also decided to try my hand at creating a Facebook Page, now what should I  name the page? I thought to myself. My Store is called Allicor so I decided on ALLICOR'S BOUTIQUE all capital letters. So if you are on Facebook stop by and see some of my creations and sales.
Then I thought about doing a Squidoo Lens, well that is going to be a bit hard for me, because I checked and I had tried it under allicor but something is just not right, there are lots of words I don't understand yet, but I am not ready to give up.
I am also working slowly on  the Trails of our Ancestors Project, now we are doing the maternal side . We won't be adding as much details as we did on the paternal side but I want to make it as interesting as possible, maybe later in the fall we will do another project for someone else.
So if  you are on Facebook check out Trails of our Ancestors, while you are there I also have two more groups "Old Photos of New Brunswick" and Williams dit Bristol groups, and be sure to check out my acadian genealogy website where there is other interesting  there also at 

Thank you  have a great day

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