Saturday, December 22, 2007

On April 5 1879 in the french paper Le Moniteur Acadien was the following article. I have translated it for you. Remember I wrote about Father Louis Ouellet ?Here is the article." The reverend L Joseph Ouellet pastor of Sainte Marie in Kent County is looking for 30 or 40 young Acadians sober and hard working to settle a new colony in the vicinity of the Coal Branch ICR Station.All the young people who want to have a lot of land in an area with great potential should send their applications to Father Ouellet.Once we have the number of applications needed we will let them know of the advantages they will receive that the government has promised them.
Two years later five families from Sainte Marie settled in Adamsville;Narcisse Chase, Cesime Chase, Raphael Henri, Francois Babineau and Louis Collet.This movement continued . And in 1910 two families from Sainte Marie ,Louis Maillet and Damien Collette founded the village of Lac Saint Edouard 13 kilometers from Adamsville. In 1883 Adamsville and Saint Norbert were incorporated with Saint Paul de Kent.
The above was translated from the book of Life in Sainte Marie. Now Narcisse Chase married Martin , and my grandmother was their grandaughter.
Hope you enjoyed the article.
Happy New Year to all of you, I will return in the New Year. Stay safe, stay well.

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