Monday, December 17, 2007

Hello everyone, well it is so windy today, we had snow, we had rain, we had ice pellets. I went out with my shovel earlier and shovelled around my car to get out. Whew. That is done. Then I decided to come online and check my group messages, and read my emails. I was a bit dissappointed by one of my emails, I had posted a request on a list elsewhere saying that I had cemeteries on my website at acadian-roots that I had done as a project with someone, this person took my name off of the pages we had done together, so in other words when a person went there they did not know I had the names on my site, so I wanted to tell everyone"Hey I have worked hard at transferring the names to make it easier for everyone to go from site to site to find their stones easier. So when I tried to post on the list, guess what? I was unsubscribed from the list, I emailed asking why? No reply as yet. So In my heart that is being not fair. So if any of you are being rejected for a reason you dont think is fair, come on over to our group at acadianroots .You can get there through my website. We are a great group. We all get along very well.Now I am going to post the cemeteries that are on my site right here and now. I don't have images, some of the cemeteries I walked through and copied the names myself, some I had friends and family who helped me write them down. Here goes: I have Adamsville , Barachois,Bouctouche,Cap Pele, Haute Aboujagane, Collette,Memramcook,Grand Digue,Cocagne,Sainte Anne de Kent, Sainte Marie de Kent, Saint Paul de Kent, Saint Anselme, Shediac Road, Shediac,Old Saint Antoine Cemetery,I have also gone to PEI and I have Egmont Bay,Rustico,some of Souris. I don't know if I mentioned them all. but as you can see I have lots of cemeteries . I did not do this for the praise either, I did it to help as many of you as I can with your genealogy research. I am now adding Chartersville Cemetery, I don't have the complete cemetery names but no one else has either since people are dying every day, but I have many names.
Now I feel much better having been able to share this with you.
Thank you to my faithful readers who come in regularly to read my blogs, remember that perhaps I am making you smile at times? perhaps I am making you remember long ago? But also remember you are helping me by just coming in and sharing my life.
Have a great day

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