Thursday, September 20, 2007

Are you ready for a good laugh again? Well yesterday I decided to check to see if I could find more traces of the little varmints that have invaded my home. I was not too brave but I ventured into my living room, lifted the cushions on my loveseat, yep they were here. I wonder if they went under the big sofa cushions? So I ventured to the sofa, lifting the cushion ,expection to see some dropping. Guess what I found. A MOUSE , a real live mouse, and it was looking at me. I yelled there is a mouse under the cushion, my friend ran in lifted the cushion, he was gone, he lifted the other cushion, there HE was and he ran under the couch into the other room. Well my heart was pounding like crazy. That is it, I said. No more . I am out of here. so I went upstairs onto my computer looked at the places for rent. With two dogs let me tell you it isn't easy to get a place. Anyway there was this ad, house for rent, utilities and the phone number, so I phoned, told the guy we had two dogs, he was hesitant at first but we went over, I really liked the house , he had hardwood floors, I always wanted them, and a nice back patio, and it was in my old neighborhood, I really was hoping he would let us have it. And we got it, the dogs will be in the basement which is nice and dry, and I will be able to fix the house up nice . And he said there are NO MICE. yippeee. The way I felt after seeing that mouse I would have anywhere even out of the country which I did not want to , just to get away from the mice.
Now comes the big moving job, I want to make sure there are no mice in my stuff so I am going to repack everything.
On another note, I went to the genealogy center the other day, and looked into some microfilms of old newspapers, I wish I would have had more time to browse, but I will return.
I am in the process of adding some census for Shediac Parish on my website, but so far I have not finished transcribing them I am only adding the Acadian Names,I will let you know when they are finished.
I also want to mention that Lucie LeBlanc Consentino has added many many new cemetery images on her site, Hector LeBlanc and his wife Jeannita have been cemetery hunting, and they have taken images of cemeteries in Westmorland County, and Kent County and I am not certain if they have done any other counties as yet.And they have given Lucie permission to add the images on her site. So between Lucie's cemeteries and My cemeteries I am very certain that many of you will benefit .
Happy Hunting

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