Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hello everyone, well it has been a while since my last blog so today I decided to fill you in on what is happening. As you know I had this little rodent problem in my old house and it was either they leave or I do. They decided to hang around so I packed my bags and out the door I went. Grin. Would you believe in five days we had totally moved everything over to my new home? We checked everything to make sure we were not taking any hitchikers with us. I had to wash all my towels and bedding before we moved. I have more black and blue marks on me that anything else. I bruise very easy just like my dad did. By lifting the boxes and pushing and pulling furniture .

I love my new home, I have filled in the little holes around the pipes with steel wool,just in case. My home has wooden floors and no carpets, I love that, I always wanted hardwood floors.I believe it is healthier than carpet.
Well the nights are getting cooler, and the leaves are changing colors. I have a tree in the front that is all orange already. I love the fall colors.
I haven't done much genealogy the last few days, but while I was offline I added some information into my legacy family tree software, I have begun adding the occupations of the relatives that I know of.
I need to finish my 1861 census to add to my website, I have part of a page already done, but I need to go into the microfilms and get more names.
Next week a lady from my group will be coming to our genealogy center so I am going to try and meet her.Last night another member of my group from the USA dropped in for a short visit.
Now I must go to the store to get a vent for my clothes dryer, so thank you for dropping by, do have a great day.

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