Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hello and nice to see you again. Today I would like you to look at the photo on the right and imagine.

Imagine that you were back in the 1700's. And you had to run from your home and hide in the woods. Look ahead on the photo, all those trees, and back then the land wasn't cleared. Think of all the scratches and bruises you would probably have ,from tripping and rubbing against prickly bushes.

Imagine being hungry and thirsty, and you had to hunt for small animals, a rabbit running , can you catch it? There is a partridge, you have to be a good shot to catch him. Imagine having to run and hide in the woods with your children. They are tired, they are hungry. They need water to drink. You need to find a spring, or some kind of water source. Then you need to find shelter.You have to build some kind of protection. You cut down spruce branches with your ax or hatchet and make a lean to. The spruce boughs makes a nice bed .All the while you are running from someone who wants to hurt you or make you a prisoner.

Imagine meeting some native americans in the woods and sharing their camps, spending the winters among them and their families. During the winter you build canoes out of bark and trees in order to travel up the river come spring time.

Imagine that is all that we can do, but our acadian ancestors did all these things, they ran , they hid, they were afraid, they cried.Some died of starvation, some died from our harsh winters.

Look at the photo, and remember to tell your children how their ancestors struggled in order to survive. Tell your children to be proud of who they are.

And finally tell your children to tell their children about their Acadian Ancestors.

Have a great day


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