Friday, April 20, 2007

Hello everyone, well it has been a while, I sure hope you missed me a little. I have been pretty busy lately. Been at the genealogy center, and added more on my website. I have added a Chit Chat Room, it is only a message board but by posting our everyday stuff on it it gives us a chance to talk about anything within reason, such as food , our daily stuff , our families and so on. It makes our chats more family oriented.I do hope many will come join in, and have a nice clean chat.
I have added some parts of the 1878 Census of Palmer Road Prince Edward Island.There were Bernards, Perry, Wedge,Arsenaults,etc. So if you cannot find your relatives and they were on PEI, check out the census.
If you had relatives in Saint Charles NB in 1899, I have added some names of kids who did their confirmation. And to new comers I would also like to mention that Lucie LeBlanc Consentino and I created a joint cemetery project. The images were taken by our friends Hector Boudreau, his wife Jeannita, and Francis LeBlanc. They gave Lucie permission to add the images on her website, and Lucie gave me permission to index the tombstones on my site at So now you can go to my site, find your ancestors , click on Lucie's site and see the images. I think we both had a great idea on doing this project. And this was all done for all of you out there to find your roots
Who knows maybe later we will create some other kind of project. Stay tuned.
I am also working on my daughter in law's paternal line. They are sure hard to find. They were in Jacquet River and Belledune, and before that I think they came on a spaceship. grin. That I believe is the only place I haven't searched, the spaceship I mean. smile.
Well thank you for stopping by. I do hope you will drop in to see me again.
Have a great day

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