Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My dream regarding Genealogy

As many of you know,Ancestry has a show on television called who do you think you are, it is published on Fridays on NBC . It is a seven part show,tracing the families of seven celebrities.
I have watched the first two episodes,I really enjoyed the second one where they traced this black man's line back to slavery and he found out he had white blood and also his great great great grandmother came from the coast of Africa and he went there. Next Friday they will be tracing someone else. I am anxious to see Brooke Shield and Susan Sarandon's lines.
What intrigues me is going back to the land of our ancestors, mine go back to Sussex England on my paternal side and to Amboise France on my maternal side. I want to know more about my ancestors. Now I have a line it was known as Chase here, but I traced it through a land grant to the surname Chate and lo and behold I found them in Deptford England, then in Cuckfield England and in Henfield England. The name has various spelling,Chase,Chate,Cheat,Chatt,I am wondering if they were not originally from France and known at Chatte. Now a new surname has arisen,Bennetts from St Giles Camberwell Middlesex England. This would be the line of my Nanette Rose married to Abraham Chase. The excitement grows as I find even a date or location. A few years back a professor Marius Damboise went to Amboise France and he found the baptism of the first Barthelemy Bergeron to arrive in France, we were led to believe that Barthelemy was the son of Antoine Bergeron and Catherine Scarron but not so, there were no baptism for any other Barthelemy there and his parents were Rene Bergeron and Anne Dagault.
Now as I am very curious I would like to know more about this Rene and Anne.Maybe one day.
So my dream would be to complete my family tree,go back as far as I can.
If you have not begun tracing your family, you don't know what you are missing. There may be some great stories along the way.My Barthelemy served under Iberville, he ran a bakery in Montreal, he sailed up and down the Bay of Fundy where the rocks and Cape Enrage are.
Do you have time on your hands? Would you like to do something different? Then start tracing your family tree, it is a very interesting and can be very addictive too.
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