Monday, September 07, 2009

SOLDIER'S COVE Cape Breton photo

These two young girls age around 13 or 14 lived in Soldiers Cove in Cape Breton NS. This photo was taken around 1928.
If you know them, please comment below this blog. They could possible be McLeods according to Mom. These two sisters were very close .
The reason we have this photo, is because my grandparents were in Soldier's Cove for a while . My grandfather worked there for a short while. My grandmother is the other one that you cannot see in the photo, she was pregnant for my aunt at the time.
On another note, I am not sure if I told you this before, but being on the Internet is sure great sometimes. I once told you I met a cousin a few years ago and we shared photos and stories and have been friends and in contact every since. Now a few days ago another distant cousin approached me. They are related through the sister of my great great grandmother. The sister moved to the USA ,married there and had eleven children. I am hoping that they can find some old photos to share with me and perhaps my great great grandparents may be among them.
Speaking of Old Photos, if you are on Facebook, check out Old Photos of New Brunswick, where I and others have posted a lot of photos. If you have old Photos of New Brunswick,such as Kent County,Westmorland County, of sceneries, of people, please come share them with us. By doing so, it might give others a chance to be able to see their ancestors. Remember , that the more we share our photos, the better chance of them surviving through the years. Some of us may lose our precious photos for numerous reasons, if we share, we have a chance of getting them back.
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