Thursday, September 10, 2009

FUNERALS in 1933

Have you ever wondered about how funerals were held way back in the early 1900s? Well the photo on the left is of a funeral back in 1933. This was taken on Albert Street in Moncton. Where is the casket? Well if you look at the back of the buggy, you will notice a blanket draped over the casket. The casket held the body of my baby sister Loretta. My Mom is driving in the front next to the driver.This was in the month of December and they brought my little sister to the cemetery and they buried her then and there. There was no waiting for spring to arrive. My Mom and Dad tried in vain later to know where she was buried, they know approximately but never knew for sure, there were two babies buried on the same day. It is sad not knowing where our love ones are buried. Again, tombstones, crosses, plaques, markers are a must when our love ones die or perhaps years from now they will be forgotten.
Now why did I talk about Funerals? Well today I created a Children's Memorial Garden among my Memorial Garden on my website at ,
and the first little baby I have added is my sister Loretta. So stop by and say hello or even a little prayer . I do hope you like my memorial garden, I hope to add more names as I go along.
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