Sunday, September 06, 2009

Petit Francois Contest and our Drive

First of all I will talk about our Saturday Drive. We decided to ask my Mom and brother if they would like to go for a drive somewhere, and yes they replied. So we left and headed for Bouctouche to get an ice cream. (Mom loves ice cream). We also stopped and bought some poutine rappee and some Rappure to bring home.
Then we decided to take Mom to see all the flowers and trees at the Irving park.
The weather was beautiful so we drove slowly through the park. We saw all these different kinds of trees, firs,spruce,weeping willows, maples, and then we saw a sign Elizabeth's Garden, so we went through the gate and we were among the flowers. Flowers of reds, yellows, whites. There were roses, carnations, black eyed susans, there were rock gardens and we can to the one in the photo above with the waterfalls. So very beautiful to see. We really enjoyed our day. Now what does Bouctouche have to do with Petit Francois? Well first of all P'tit Francois des Bois is a weekly article in the french paper L'Etoile. It is written by Everard Maillet and he has done a great job at writing little stories in French Chiac , and the story centers around Petit Francois who lives Au Fond de La Baie in Bouctouche and there is such a place as Au Fond de La Baie and the photo was taken at the park on the same road.I have added the articles on my website at and I have translated the stories to English, it may not be word for word but the story is the same. I had stopped for the summer months but had saved the articles and I have finished adding nine stories on my website. Also P'tit Francois has a contest going, it began the first of August and every month he will have a draw . The winner will receive a basket of soap from Oliver's Soap Ltd valued around fifty dollars and there will also be gift certificates valued at twenty five dollars. It doesn't matter where you live, they will mail the prize to you. The contest will run every month until Christmas, so if you don't win the month of September, enter again for October and so on.
Send an email to P'tit Francois with Contest in the subject line,
your name, mailing address, email and please mention acadianroots blog in your message to let him know you were here? His email is
Good luck everyone.

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