Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Well old man winter is nearby. More snow this morning, I went out and cleaned my car, the snow was a wet snow. Tonight the weatherman is calling for rain. Yippee.
I would like to share something with you, regarding good deeds at Christmas. I was just alerted to this by my friend. This certain family celebrates this way. They are a large family and they gather at the parent's house, they each buy a christmas gift , the limit is ten dollars, and they each take their gifts over.They sit around the table and the head of the household takes each gift and one by one they have an auction, limit of the bid is again ten dollars. For instance if I brought my gift over, the auctioneer will say, who will bid on Aline's gift. This goes on until everyone has their gift auctioned off. The money that the auctioneer gets goes to a local charity. I find that to be so nice They all have fun and the money goes to a good cause.
I want to also share this with you. My son phoned me today, and I asked how my grandchildren were. My son told me my grandson went to his first school dance, he is eleven, and his older sister was there . Anyway I guess my grandson danced all night, he told my son, well the boys formed a circle and the girls formed a circle in the middle and we all went around and when the music stopped, we had to dance with that girl in front of us.(Paul Jones haha). My son said, did YOU dance? He replied well I had NO choice. haha.
Well I have begun adding the River Hebert Cemetery on my site, this is thanks to Rick Arsenault, who has gracefully given his permission for me to do so. He is downloading the images on his site at www.myacadianhistory.ca and I am writing down the names on my site at www.acadian-roots.com , this way the people who come to my site while surfing will go to Rick's site from my site.There shall be more than one cemetery added and these are in Cumberland County Nova Scotia. There will not only be acadian cemeteries, but the one I am doing at the moment has a few Acadian Names.As you know some acadians married english partners and I also noticed some french canadian names. So both Rick and I are hoping this will benefit many of you.
Thank you for dropping by and do come again.

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Italo Cambisaca- Ajente Asociado Remax said...

ALine, I just always enjoy your Blog...It starts my day with a smile!!