Monday, September 12, 2011

Who were the Acadians.

Acadians are descendants of French Colonist who settled in Acadia which at first was Nova Scotia in the seventeenth century, later they settled in parts of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. I say they were French Colonist but there were also Melanson who were English marrying into the Acadians and thus they were Acadians and an Irish man called Roger Kuessy who married an Acadian girl thus their children would become Acadians too. Later on we had the 1755 Deportation of the Acadians, (French and Indian War) . Around 11500 Acadians were deported to different parts of the world. About one third of these Acadians died from diseases ,starvation and drowning. It sure must have been some tragic during this event. We saw the movie Titanic seeing all those people panicking, jumping overboard ,the Acadians on these over crowded vessels must have been so afraid , it makes me sad just thinking about it.

Some of the Acadians were deported to Massachussetts ,Carolina, Virginia ,Hawaii, ,France etc. Later on some Acadians who were deported were offered land in Louisiana and they accepted, these Acadians were later known as Cajuns. Now think about the Acadians later known as Cajuns, they went to a place they had never been, and many of them lived in the Bayous, they had to deal with the alligators and snakes and whatever else they came across. I think it must have been scary especially their encounters with the alligators. But they had to learn to survive any way they could. Of course that can be said for the Acadians who escaped the Deportation by fleeing in the woods. Just take a walk in the woods today when the little black flies or horse flies are in full force, we can’t stand it. It sure must have been miserable for the Acadians. They were survivors or at least fought to survive as many died in the woods of starvation and cold. The cold can you imagine staying out all night in the really cold weather? Now the Acadians were not all perfect I am sure, just like any other culture, there are some bad ones and some good ones. There were some unsung heros that we never heard about, there are so many stories that we will never know about the Acadian people . We read about their hardships and tragedies, but what about their good times? Wouldn’t it be nice to hear how something made them laugh, or sad? How did the Acadians really get along with their neighbours? Were the women mad at one another? Was their husband making eyes at the neighbours wife? Did they play jokes on one another? What about the children? We have read that they helped with the chores around the house and barn but what else did they do to pass the time? I sure would love to know.

Alex Haley wrote a story about his Roots and he spanned many generations, it would be nice to write a story about the Acadian families or about a certain one. We have lots of love stories, besides Evangeline it would be nice to write a love story about an Acadian couple. I believe I told you my Mom was only fourteen when she married my Dad. And she told me that he never proposed to her but asked her aunt to ask her if she would marry him. Can you imagine? Then my father sold his bike for two dollars then went to the city to get a marriage license which he was refused because she was too young and someone had to sign for her. Her father was away at the time, (It was a good thing because when he found out he was fit to be tied) so my grandmother signed for Mom. Mom took the train , met my father in the city and went to get married in the Catholic Church, of course the priest didn’t want to marry them, Mom was too young, but that didn’t stop my father he said to my Mom, then we’ll get married at the justice of the peace but instead they went to the Baptist Church and the minister married them. Such is what we call determination. But their marriage was short lived because the parish priest went to their door told Mom to go home, and he wrote to the bishop for permission to marry them Catholic. Permission was granted and the got married. My Dad often told Mom you are lucky I married you twice. Grin. See what I mean about stories? I sure wish I could have heard stories from the time of my ancestors. I am pretty sure they had some interesting tales to tell.

Now getting back to Acadians, through the generations the Acadians married into other cultures, such as the Iriish, Scotts, English, Native Americans and perhaps many other cultures. Nevertheless , most of us have a mixture but we should always remember we are part Acadians and should never be ashamed of it.

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Marguerite said...

Lovely post! I am a Cajun, living in Lafayette, and I only wish that my ancestors could see us now. They would be so proud! :)

alineskee said...

Thank you Marguerite, I agree , our ancestors sure would be proud of how far we have come. have a great day.

Megan Dube' said...

I found our blog through a friend of mine. Thank you for celebrating Acadian history. I live south of Lafayette, Louisiana and plan to do a horseback ride (1600kms) around the Perimeter of Louisiane this fall to celebrate and document lost Acadian history. I plan to subscribe to your blog and hope that you will follow our ride that honors your ancestors at I live only 15 miles away from the Acadian National Memorial in St. Martinville and that will be my first night's stop! THANK YOU again!