Thursday, September 08, 2011

Stories plus Genealogy

Today I would like to talk about things I think is important for anyone who is interested in their family tree. As you know family trees is the in thing today, genealogy is the in thing today. You see advertising about it on television. is advertising it. They have a show called “Who do you think you are”. They have a similar show in Britain too. They have a movie on TV way back about Alex Haley’s “Roots”. How many of you watched it night after night? Remember there was Kinto or Kinta, and there was Chicken Little I think. Anyway it was long ago and I remember being glued to the TV enjoying it so very much.

It wasn’t just about born a certain date, married a certain date, and died a certain date. There was the in between time which was important. So this is why I believe in getting all the stories and information down about each ancestor of mine that I am able too. If I could go back in time and speak to my ancestors ,what a tale they would have to tell me. But that is impossible, all I can do is read what is written about them, and I am sure there would have been lots more stories they would have been able to share. What they did for entertainment for example or how and where they met their spouse and how they felt when their first child was born and did they come in contact with a wild animal and how did they handle the situation. I know they killed the animals but could there have been a bear for example that they came in contact with ?

We read in the newspaper about bear encounters, and crocodiles and alligators ,it is sad to read but it is the truth so how many of our ancestors had similar stories? We will never know unless we find some old newspapers well preserved hidden somewhere. So how can we make it better for the people coming after we are gone? Well gather stories for them. If your parents or grandparents are living I bet they would love to share some of their stories with you. Aunts and Uncles sometimes know more than we think. Stop by the nursing homes, or hospitals ,spend a day with your relatives, ask them questions, once they start talking you might get a lot of information about their parents or grandparents. Start looking through older newspapers in your area or where your grandparents lived, you can find these newspapers at your local library or archives. I have done this, I spent hours looking though newspapers, sometimes I found nothing, other times I hit pay dirt. I even found my birth announcement in the local paper. Sort of neat to see. So if you are thinking of doing your family tree, make it into a story, make it enjoyable for others to read, make it into a book, but most of all Just Make It.

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