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Acadian Prisoners in England

Today I would like to share a list of some Acadians who were prisoners in  England, I found this information in the Societe Historique Acadien (SHA), I quote "This is the results published in 1889 and 1890 in the Canada Francais (Quebec):
Marriages Saint Mary Wootton Liverpool May 9 1759 Petri Trahan (Pierre) and Marguerite Duhon.
Deaths in Saint Gluvias-Penryn  Falmouth 1756
Charles Granger oct 12
Alexis Trahan Sept 13
Charles Teriot Oct 23
Francois Granger Nov 3
Claude Granger Nov 28
Oliver Daigle Dec 9
Germain Thibodeau Nov 2
Jean Baptiste Granger Oct 23
Cyprien Theriot  Dec 8
Joseph Granger Jan 2 1757
Jean Baptiste Daigre Nov 12 1757.
If the declarations of the deaths at Saint Giuvias Penryn had given more details such as the names of the spouses we would be able to  prove who they were.
Other deaths of Acadians in England: according to the genealogy declarations in Belle Isle en Mer:
Anne Landry died July 15 1756 in Falmouth
Alexis Trahan died  July 1756 Liverpool
Pierre Trahan died Aug 10 1756 Liverpool
Jean Theriot died Aug 12 1756 Falmouth
Marguerite LeBlanc died Aug ? 1756 Liverpool
Fr? Trahan died Aug 1756 Liverpool
M Trahan and all her kids died Aug 1756 in Bristol
A Boudrot died Aug 1756 in Bristol
Anne Boudrot died Aug 1756 in Southampton
Marguerite Theriot died Aug 1756 Southampton (wife of Jean Babin)
M Leblanc died Aug 1756 Southampton
Francois Granger died Sept 1756 Falmouth
Anastasie Landry died Sept 1756 Falmouth
Joseph Trahan died Sept 1756 Falmouth
Joseph Vincent died Sept 1756 Liverpool
Marguerite Bourg died Oct 16 1756 Falmouth
Agnes Aucoin died Oct 1756 Falmouth
Judith LeBlanc died  Oct 1756 Falmouth
Charles Vincent died Oct 1756 Plymouth and also his wife
Francoise Ozide died Nov 22 1756 Falmouth
Marie Landry died Dec 5 1756 Falmouth
Jean Granger died 1756 Falmouth
Madeleine Landry died 1756 Falmouth
Marie Blanchard died 1756 Falmouth
Marguerite Theriot died 1756 Falmouth
Marguerite Babin and all her kids died 1756 Southampton
Pierre Daigre died 1756  Southampton
Joseph Daigre died 1756 Southampton
Marguerite Melanson died 1756 Southampton
J LeBlanc died 1756 Liverpool
Sylv LeBlanc died 1756 Liverpool
Joseph Trahan died April 1757 Liverpool
Joseph Trahan died June 1757 Liverpool
Ang. Melanson died June 1757 Liverpool
Jeanne Daigre died  June 1757 Liverpool
Marguerite Trahan died July 1757 Liverpool
M.Trahan died Dec 13 1757 Liverpool
Marguerite Landry died 1757 Liverpool
M. Trahan died 1757 Bristol and all her kids
M Trahan died Aug 39 1759 Liverpool
Elizabeth  Darois died 1759 Liverpool
Marguerite Landry died Jan 1917 61 Liverpool
Marguerite Landry died Feb 10 1761 Falmouth
Marie Joseph LeBlanc wife of ? Richard died April 12 1761 Liverpool
Charles Trahan died 1761 Falmouth
Marie Trahan died June 1763 Liverpool
Antoine Landry died (no date) Southampton
Marie Melanson died Southampton
Jean Leblanc died Southampton
Madeleine Theriot died Southampton
Anne Marie Hebert died Falmouth
Wife of Jean Melanson died in Bristol
FR Trahan died Bristol
Francois Thibodeau husband of A. Theriot died  died in Liverpool age 48
? Bonniere died in Plymouth
Marguerite Vincent  died in Plymouth
Jean Theriot died in England no name of place
Marie Daigre died England no name place
Marie Blanchard died in England no name place.
There was also a note saying that during these years the Catholic Irish were also in Liverpool because it is exactly in Liverpool that Madeleine Pelagie Hebert married Tiernay.
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