Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween and Other Stuff

Hello everyone, I have been sitting here knowing I haven't blogged here for a while.wondering what I could blog about. Well I know this is a little later seeing Halloween is tomorrow but I watched the news on TV last night and they were
talking about the children who do not do Halloween anymore, because they are older and what some of these children are doing is passing the houses collecting non parishable foods for food banks. As you know there are so many needy folks out there and Food Banks can always use help. So if you have children or you are a teen, why don't you gather some friends and dress up and collect food for the needy?I know it is short notice but you still have time to get ready . I hope this message will reach someone who will be taking my advice. Be careful tomorrow night, it is dark and the cars may not see you, wear something bright so you can be seen.
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Happy Halloween

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