Tuesday, September 09, 2008

DWho is this gentleman? I was going through some old cookbooks Mom had given me, and came across this article, his name was J.E.Arsenault and he was the justice of the peace for PEI, and the station master at Wellington PEI for the PEI
Railway. At the bottom of one of the two pictures, is his sworn statement that he used that ointment, and it is dated January 12, 1912 in Prince County PEI. Now wouldn't it be nice if this was a great grandfather to someone out there, and they had not seen this article? Please leave a comment if you know who he was and who his parents were ?
On another note, I went to the genealogy center today and I always like looking for little tidbits. Here is something I found:
Rogerville dated 1915.. translated is A great capture.
M.A.Midget of Rogersvile was cutting down trees to make shingles ,he found three bears one large and two small one in a pine hollow. With the help of Ambroise Gallant and Alphee Goguen the three bears were captured. They said the bears were for sale. I did not have time to look for too long but will return and do more digging.
I also found two old recipes in the 1914s. It reminds me of when Mom told me how to make bread. You take a dipper of this, a handful of that, throw it together and voila. grin. This is what the two recipes I copied are like.
Well thank you for the visit, and if you know who our Mister J.E.Arsenault is, please let us know.
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Hi daughter was married to Fidele Gaudet in St Nicholas PEI.